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Here you will find some of our most beloved Mums & Dad's, ready for their new homes!

In order for us to do what we do it involves giving our cats retirement homes after they have completed their breeding program. 

People always ask, is it hard to see them go and of course it is, but we have to realise the best for our animals and our home is simply not big enough for us to keep our retired studs & queens. 

Please help us by giving one of our retired cats the best retirement home! 



Luna was as born at night under a full moon being the 1st in the litter to be born, Luna was the name!
She is very playful and spends most of her time on her back rolling over with her Maine Coon chirps for attention, she really is a Mummy's girl. We recommend keeping Maine Coons in pairs as they thrive off company unlike some breeds.

Luna (1) (8)-01.jpeg


Beautiful eyes and charming nature.  Very much a kitten still in his behaviour.  Loves to paw and pat for attention.

A mummy's boy and always seeking for affection likes to sleep in my chair or my side of the bed!

WhatsApp Image 2021-03-21 at 20.53.11.jpeg
Retiring & Ready for Adoption: Available Pets
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