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Getting your kitten ready for its new adventure...

Buying a kitten can be a longer process than you might think. Usually our kittens are reserved at the point of birth due to demand and waiting lists. Once you have chosen your kitten we will require a deposit to secure it as yours. This is to ensure our process is fair, and first come first served. The deposit is usually a substantial amount, around the 50% mark of the value of the kitten, and is non-refundable. This is to ensure our kittens go to the best homes possible. If you secure your kitten from when they are newborn, we allow visits for you to bond with you kitten where possible, as we feel this is extremely important for their welfare.

This is where the deposit comes in, to ensure no one else can come in at a later stage and try and purchase your kitten after you have your heart set. If you have paid your non-refundable deposit you can ensure no one can try and purchase your kitten even at a higher price.

Please don't be alarmed if we ask you questions about yourselves and the home you can provide because we only want 5* homes for all our kittens. They come with a neutering contract which has to be adhered to, as all our kittens are sold to pet homes only. Neutering is a standard practice at 6 months old and a copy of the surgery notes can be emailed to us, to complete the records our end.

I am happy to discuss Pedigree papers on Active to the right person but this is a long process of evaluation to ensure my standards are kept up going forward onto future kittens. 

Each kitten is seen by a veterinary practitioner (click here to see our vet!) when 5 days old with the mother to check everything is how it should be. Further heath checks are at 5 weeks and then again at 7 weeks.
They will have a regular worming medication called Panacur administered at 2, 4 and 6 weeks of age. A Stronghold medication for all worming with Flea, tick and earmite prevention with be given at 8 weeks and then a few weeks after this the kitten is ready for their new home!

None of my kittens will go without this and wont leave their mother until after they are 12 weeks old, if I see they are ready for their new adventure and they have had their vaccinations.  Some kittens need a bit more time with their Mum and I evaluate each kittens individual needs as they grow and develop.

I have 20 years of veterinary experience for which I can help to prevent and cure illnesses should the need arise.  There are many home remedies that I have tried and tested that can be done before going to the vets and I can advise with the help of my vet throughout your cats life with which route to go down. 

Before going to it's new home each kitten will be:

  • Fully litter trained

  • Scratch post trained

  • Eating wet & dry food

  • Worm & Flea free

  • Health checked by our vet

All kittens will come with kitten starter pack including:

  • Scented Blanket

  • 2 x Tins of Kitten Food

  • A selection of toys

  • 1 Kitten Bowl

  • Smarttrace Microchip, with free registration

  • 1 Treatment of Flea & Worming Medication, Stronghold

  • 5 Weeks FREE pet insurance

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