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Breeding Perfection

All our cats are stunning in their own ways, and our beautiful boys are no exception. With a variety of colours and traits, we are sure to have the animal with the perfect temperament and personality to fit your lifestyle!



Golden British Shorthair
GCCF Active

Newest member to the pack! It's always been a dream of ours to have a Golden boy, and here he is. Good things come to those who wait. 

He has Sired his first litter of gorgeous kittens with Lia and Lucern which are due in May 2021.

All sired kittens will be GCCF registered, non-active.

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WhatsApp Image 2021-03-22 at


Blue British Shorthair

New kid on the block, ready to be our new stud Daddy to our British Shorthairs.
Very gentle and calm in his nature, a super soppy boy.
Very chunky, lovely dense plush hair sure to be passed on to his future kittens.

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