Breeding Perfection

All our cats are stunning in their own ways, and our gorgeous girls are no exception. With a variety of colours and traits, we are sure to have the animal with the perfect temperament and personality to fit your lifestyle!

Lotus (1) (3)-01.jpeg


Blue Scottish Fold

A very special girl, Lotus is such a gem. Scottish Folds are very affectionate and bond very well with their owners.

Lotus is bred with our British Shorthaired Silver Tabby Louis.
She produces fold and straight eared kittens for which the folded ears can not be noticed until 4 weeks of age. 
The straight eared kittens do not carry the genetic fold gene and are named as Scottish Straight or British Shorthaired kittens.

Lolli (1) (9)-01.jpeg


Blue Torti and White Maine Coon

Fairly shy but very wise and inquisitive. She tends to sit back and look on but takes everything in and when left in peace will do exploring in her own self willed way! 
Yet to have any babies as she has been unwell with vestibular, a middle ear problem, which makes her off balance. She is seen weekly by our vet and hopefully will be back top full health this spring.

Lexi (1) (2)-01.jpeg


Traditional Sealpoint Ragdoll

Lexi is a traditional Ragdoll which means she is a smaller variant to the other Ragdolls. However,  she makes up for it with her large personality. She is the most vocal of our cats here, she’s very affectionate and always the one to be around your ankles on a busy day!

Like all Ragdolls she has the most truly captivating big blue eyes, which are sure to make anyone fall in love.

Lexi is having her last litter February 2021. She will be retaring to a lovely home in sunny Brighton!

Lia (1) (15)-01.jpeg


Bluepoint British Shorthair

Mamma Mia Lia...!
Her Ice blue eyes, dense plush coat and chubby face makes her the ultimate beauty queen here at The Cats Nest.
She is the most playful Mum who thinks she’s still a kitten and loves a walk to the park with her harness on.

Luxe (1) (10)-01.jpeg


Torti & White Maine Coon

Lark, the cheery songbird! Our girl Lark has such beautiful Maine Coon chirps. Her and Luxe are sisters and have the loveliest bond. We recommend keeping Maine Coons in pairs as they thrive off company unlike some breeds. Her kittens will all come with GCCF pedigree registered papers.

Luna (1) (8)-01.jpeg


Blue Torti Smoke Maine Coon

Luna was as born at night under a full moon being the 1st in the litter to be born, Luna was the name!
She is very playful and spends most of her time on her back rolling over with her Maine Coon chirps for attention, she really is a Mummy's girl. We recommend keeping Maine Coons in pairs as they thrive off company unlike some breeds.

Her kittens will all come with GCCF pedigree registered papers.



Torti & White Maine Coon

Deluxe Luxe! She really is a delight, her torti colourings so bold and bright. Her and Lark are sisters, they have a lovely bond. We recommend keeping Maine Coons in pairs as they thrive off company unlike some breeds. Her kittens will all come with GCCF pedigree registered papers.

Lulu (1) (14)-01.jpeg


Chocolate British Longhair

One of our youngest Females not yet a Mummy! Very calm and loves her belly rubs and a feather tickler! She has soft, rich chocolate fur which is a lovely colour addition to The Cats Nest family.



Blue British Longhair

Oh Lola!  With her mesmerising bright yellow eyes and her fluffy long blue coat she provides us with the most stunning chunky fluffy kittens. She's a very protective mother and at her best when nursing.  Not one for cuddles although she looks as if she's the best at it!



Bluepoint British Longhair

She's a lady! Yes she is, so elegant and perfectly poised- lady by name, lady by nature! Very vain and keeps herself in an immaculate condition.
Doesn’t shy away from a bath and loves pampering, she even purrs to sleep with the sound of the hairdryer.



Silver British Shorthair

What an absolute dream... sister to Lucille, these two are stunning.

You rarely see them apart and they love to curl up together for naps!



Silver British Shorthair

This silver sister is an absolute stunner! 

The sweetest temperament, always up for cuddles. 

Please contact us if you are interested in adopting one of the animals from our most recent litters.


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