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Smillia Tins of Kitten Food, 6 x 200g

Smillia Tins of Kitten Food, 6 x 200g


Smilla Kitten is a delicious complete food, perfectly adapted to the needs of kittens and young cats up to 12 months old. Natural, carefully selected ingredients such as high quality chicken or veal are gently cooked in the can, locking in the vital nutrients and exquisite natural meaty flavours.


The addition of important vitamins, minerals and taurine provides your cat with the best start in life. Smilla Kitten also contains a high proportion of premium quality animal protein, meeting the high energy requirements of young cats who love to play and explore.


Smilla Kitten wet food is grain-free, so it doesn’t cause strain on your kitten’s digestive system, which is not designed to process large amounts of grain. Smilla Kitten is also soya-free, and contains no added sugar.


Smilla Kitten at a glance:

  • Grain-free – gluten free:
    The grain-free recipe doesn’t strain your kitten’s digestive system, which is not equipped to process large amounts of grain.
  • With vitamins and minerals:
    Vitamins and minerals play an important role in cat nutrition. Vitamin D supports the regulation of calcium intake, which is vital in healthy bone growth. Vitamins A and E help to support healthy vision, skin and hair.
  • With taurine:
    Taurine is an essential nutrient for cats, which helps to maintain healthy vision and heart function. It is not generated in sufficient quantities by the cat’s body, making it especially important to supplement your cat’s diet with this important nutrient.
  • Optimal Calcium-Phosphorous balance:
    Calcium and phosphorous play an important role in the healthy development of your cat’s bones. In Smilla Kitten, the balance of both minerals is between 1.13:1 and 1.18:1, helping to support your kitten’s growth.
  • High protein content:
    Smilla Kitten has a higher protein content than Smilla Adult, as younger cats need more energy and protein to match their high activity levels.
  • Gently prepared:
    The carefully selected ingredients are combined cold, and gently cooked in the can, preserving the food’s delicious flavor and essential vitamins.
  • No added sugar or flavourings:
    Smilla Kitten is free from added sugar and flavourings, making it a balanced, natural food for your growing cat.
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