Wood Pellet Non Clumping Cat Litter 30L

Wood Pellet Non Clumping Cat Litter 30L


Non Clumping Wood Pellet Cat Litter  is a highly absorbent natural cat litter.

Made from 100% natural wood the litter is biodegradable, making it friendly on the environment and can be put in any suitable compost bin after all faeces have been removed.

The light pine scent will ensure your cats litter tray stays fresh smelling, and every effort during manufacture has been taken to produce a product with low dust levels, helping to make this product gentle on yours and your cats respiratory system.

Suitable for cats and kittens of all ages.

Ingredients: Pelletised Kiln Dried Sawdust derived from UK Sourced Softwood.

Approximate Dimensions (Product): 65 x 50 x 14cm